The annotation and genotype files for the four SNP panels:
SNP Panels Annotation files Genotype files Description
hapmapSNPs hapmapSNPs-annotation.tar.gz (25.2 MB) hapmapSNPs-genotype.tar.gz (892 MB) 2,097,405 hapmapSNPs after data filtration and genotype imputation
tagSNPs tagSNPs-annotation.tar.gz (2.3 MB) tagSNPs-genotype.tar.gz (58 MB) 156,502 tagSNPs selected from linkage disequilibrium (LD)-based redundancy removal
fixedSNPs fixedSNPs-annotation.tar.gz (25.7 KB) fixedSNPs-genotype.tar.gz (437 KB) 1,180 fixedSNPs selected from gene exhibiting selective sweep signatures
barcodeSNPs barcodeSNPs-annotation.tar.gz (1.3 KB) barcodeSNPs-genotype.tar.gz (25.9 KB) 38 barcodeSNPs selected from DNA fingerprint simulation based on the 2,556 rice accessions
Compressed package of tools
Rice accessions with subpopulation classification and origins